Lets talk about Happiness……

Most of us spend our lives searching for it and struggle with the questions of what is it and how do you find it? There are many books out there that offer advice on how to achieve happiness and live a happy and fullfilling life, but as happiness is a very personal thing there is really no one way of finding it. 

I believe that Happiness comes from within and is an integeral part of every person. Like everything in life happiness is in balance with sadness, because without understanding one how could you recognise the other. The feeling of happines comes in beautiful waves and the more you allow yourself to feel it the more often you can feel it. It is up to each individual to choose whether to embrace this feeling or instead choose an inner battle that negates our freedom to allow ourselves to feel happy.

Self sabotage is something that a lot of us do all the time, maybe without realising. We feel not deserving, not worthy, out of tune with ourselves and sometimes out of tune with others and our surroundings. Why do we do this? Why do we feel we don’t deserve lasting happiness, a fleeting glimpse is all we should have? To be honest I don’t have the answer to these questions as I myself sometimes self sabotage, but I do know that this behaviour is a form of self indulgence, manipulation, and is ego based. Self sabotage is a pattern of behaviour that is a product of todays society, not helped by commercialism – the desire to ‘have’ at all costs, the isolation that comes with this and the lack of truth to ourselves and others. I have never found happiness by conforming to this all comsuming ‘modern life’, only in the stillness  and beauty that we forget.

So, take a moment to stop and breath. Feel the joy at being alive, allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings and realise that the sun will still come up tomorrow!



John Patching



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