Overweight and depressed

Client:  I keep telling myself that ‘this year’ will be my year to change, but as each year rolls by I just put on more weight and feel even more down.

John: Lets make 2016 the year of change!

Weight gain and depression often go hand in hand. The more you dislike how you look and feel the more depressed you feel. The more down you feel the more likely you are to grab another biscuit or chocolate bar to make you feel better. Unfortunately, the biscuit or chocolate only makes you feel good momentarily and in the long term makes you feel worse.

This pattern of depression and weight is a common one and is often related to deep seated issues that initiated the depression which then started the cycle. This is why a lot of diets fail because they only concern themselves with what you eat and not why you eat.

Take a look at our ‘Year of Transformation’ program and let us help you make ‘this year’ your year.