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john John Meditation Tutor/Mentor
Open Meditation Classes
  • Are you Stressed or Anxious?
  • Work or Home Life frustrating you?
  • Do you find yourself getting annoyed at the slightest thing?

Joining a Meditation Class could be just what you need. John’s Open Meditation Classes are specifically designed for all who are interested in meditation, whether you are a complete beginner or a regular meditator.   If you would like to experience the benefits of meditation John’s meditation classes are a relaxed and informal way to introduce you to the art of meditation. These classes meet weekly providing a group space to practice and learn different types of meditation such as: Mindfulness Meditation, Reflection, Chanting, Insight Meditation, Buddhist Meditation techniques, Energy Balancing Meditations, Visualisations and more.

“I had never tried meditation before, but was keen to give it a go after a particularly stressful time.  I was looking for something different, some ‘me time’ where I could focus on my well being in a relaxing group setting. I was amazed at the effect it had on me. It left me feeling more relaxed than I had been in a long time.

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Meditation Classes

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Term dates 2015/2016:

28th September - 20th December

4th January - 27th March

5th April - 26th June