Everybody is talking about Hypnotherapy

July 26th, 2013

USA and UK’s hottest ticket is hypnotherapy.

  • Britain’s Prince Harry used hypnotherapy to quit smoking
  • Pregnant Kate Middleton used Hypnotherapy to regain appetite following morning sickness
  • Supermodel Kate Moss used Hypnotherapy for pregnancy

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A Brief History of Hypnotherapy

When researching the history of hypnosis there appears to be some debate as to its origin. While some believe that hypnotism directly relates/derives from the Healing Temples in India and the Ancient Egyptian Sleep Temples (James.T. 2000 pg11), others cite the practice of mesmerism in the 18th century as the true precursor of modern hypnosis. (Heap.M & Aravind.K 2002 pg6) While I feel it would be wrong not to acknowledge that many early cultures used forms of induced trance and altered states of consciousness, including Shaman’s, to perform healings and for ritual purposes (Hadley.J & Staudacher.C 2001 pg14), I personally feel that what is generally considered as hypnotism by modern standards bears more resemblance to mesmerism developed by Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). Read More »